Who’s ready to rock?

I don’t know about you, but for me music has always played a huge role in my life. My personal favorite is rock- just about all kinds. But when I’m at work it’s hard to hear anything being played over radio speakers with all of the machines running, so I’ve had to come up with other ways to get my musical fix.

It started with a pair of noise reducing headphones that had a built in radio. Reception was always spotty for me, and when I tried to connect my phone to it using the included cord it just seemed like that cord became a bit of a liability. Working around a machine turning your workpiece at 3,000 rpm brings a new meaning to Cord Management!

So next I tried using my phone earbuds. I can slip them up under my shirt, under the straps of my respirator and beneath the noise reducing headphones with good cord control. But it’s impossible to wear them ‘as intended’ without it being painful. The solution there is to switch the buds to the opposite ear and have them point up instead of down. That was much more comfortable, but still not great. After an hour or so they would start to hurt my ears, so I knew that wasn’t the right long term solution.

But recently it was my birthday, and my wife gave me another set of noise reducing headphones….with Bluetooth! These things work great. Not only am I able to work without worrying about cords, I can even have my phone charging across the shop and still be able to listen to my music. The set I have is from 3M but there are a bunch out there. They’re pretty comfy, too, which is important when you’re spending a entire day working with them.


Other safety gear seen here is my half face respirator and prescription safety glasses. I know, I’ve got some seriously good style going on here 😎 Lol! Thanks again for reading an entry from the GW Pens back room! Rock on 🤘