Bonus GemPen goodies!

As most of you know, the GW GemPen is near the homestretch over on Kickstarter ( GW GemPen on KickStarter ). I thought this would be a great time to reveal a couple of new items now being included!

Each pen will now ship with a drawstring pen pouch. This is the perfect way to store your pen on-the-go or if you just don’t have room for ANOTHER pen box. Plus, it kinda looks great 🙂

Also, each backer will receive a professional grade jewelry cleaning cloth! This is a 2-part cleaning cloth, with the inner cloth doing the hard work and the outer cloth finishing the job with a gently buffing. This will not only help keep your centerband from getting tarnish (it is made from solid sterling silver), but will also help you wipe down your pen if it gets a little dirty from use over time.

GW Pens Box Contents

Meanwhile, I do have some actual ‘back room’ photo sets being prepared for future blogs as I work through a few pieces. As always Thank You for visiting the GW Pens back room!

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