GemPen first look!


Yes! It really is the first look at the upcoming KickStarter for the GW GemPen! The handcrafted fountain pen features a sterling silver centerband and a gemstone set in fine silver for the rollstop. There will be 7 different pens in the collection, each with a different resin/gem pairing.

Pictured here is the Black Onyx GemPen. The pen body went through a small redesign from the first draft to allow the cap to be posted. To keep everything aesthetically pleasing I also made the cap diameter a little more narrow and the pen body even more so. There’s a small, rounded shoulder where the silver centerband transitions from the cap to the body, so you don’t need to worry about a rough edge scratching you or getting caught on anything.

Over the next few days I’ll begin working on the other 6 pens, keep a lookout for them here or through my Facebook page or Instagram (search gwpens for either). Thanks again for taking the time to visit the back room!

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