GemPen – New reveal and more details

If you’re following along on Facebook or Instagram you may already know about the second gemstone reveal for the upcoming GemPen Kickstarter series. Rose Quartz!


Yes now Garnet AND Rose Quartz have been announced as gemstones that will be featured  in the 7 pen series!! You may have also seen me mention the arrival of some solid sterling silver centerbands.


This closeup kind of leaves you wondering just how Big that centerband really is…wondering how it might look with the newly revealed gemstone…or even what the overall design will be! Well, I’m not ready to give ALL of those details just yet, but here’s a zoomed out peek:


I’m not gonna lie. I’ve done sketches. I’ve done a CAD mockup. I was pretty confident I would be happy with how this simple centerband would look, but I didn’t know just how absolutely perfect it would be. The GemPen series is meant to be simple with a splash of elegance, and I think the centerband helps achieve exactly that.

I’m looking forward to giving more information about the production of the prototypes in the coming days! In the meantime thank you for reading another entry from the GW Pens back room 🙂


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