Suck it up!

That’s right, it’s time to talk briefly about dust collection! Wait, you didn’t think…ah nevermind.

So! The business space I lease for GW Pens has a shared HVAC system. And although I like to keep things as dust-free as possible anyway, it’s particularly important that I’m not clogging up the heating and air conditioning. I’ve put quite a bit of time (not to mention a dollar or two) into multiple dust collection systems that run concurrent…but how will I tackle this with the new metal lathe?

I’ve been thinking this through since I bought the lathe. It has a backsplash, which is where I had the dust collector port on my wood lathe. So for this I was going to need something a little different. Maybe a port that hovers ABOVE the lathe! Yes! But…how??

Enter the $20 desk lamp! I’m really not sure many people would still recognize it as that, considering I took it off the base…and took off the light cone…and ripped out all of the electrical components. But nevertheless it at least started as a desk lamp. The first thing I did was install a piece of angle aluminum to the back of my backsplash. It has holes drilled every 6″.


Next was to take the (now stripped bare) extendable arm and attach a pipe clamp to the bracket that previously held the light cone.



Finally, I attached some flexi-pipe to the pipe clamp and Voila! Between the reach of the extendable arm and the different positions in the aluminum running the length of the lathe, I can easily vacuum up dust and debris anywhere along the bed of the lathe! And since today was teacher in service day I even had the kids along to help me out (though really they mostly just played games).


That’s about it for now, thanks for reading another entry from the GW Pens back room 🙂

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