The Break In

Although that sounds like it could be a hit novel from John Grisham, filled with mystery and a “Who dunnit?” sort of tale, it’s really the much less interesting description of what’s going on in the back room today. With the metal lathe now fully set up, leveled, and bolted down, it’s finally time to go through the break in process.

I had really hoped to already have this done by now. But the machine requires going through the different belt changes for a set length of time (10 minutes each) and then changing the gearbox oil. I don’t know about you, but I really have no idea how much time I should leave to that last part. Will the oil gush out? Maybe at first, but I’m really expecting more of a slooooooow steady thin stream. So I’ve wanted to make sure I had the time to sit here with it after the roughly 90 minute break in process.

Once the oil is changed I should be good to go! I’m excited to get to start working with this…meanwhile I need to figure out what exactly I’ll be doing for dust collection.

…and just in case you’re wondering what it looks like to go through the break in process, I get to stare at the guts of the machine a lot. Please try not to be too jealous. It’s a glamorous job, I know lol!


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