Opening the door

With my site so filled with pictures of finished products, I thought it might be nice to peek through the blinds (or open the door, as the case may be) and show a little bit behind the scenes.

If you’ve stopped by my pen studio, you know “the back room” is where all of the machines are kept and all of the actual manufacturing takes place. It’s where I first quietly celebrate my successes, and sometimes less quietly mourn my failures. This blog will chronicle some of the behind the scenes work that takes place in the back room. Some of it may be of more interest to other makers than the end user of my pens, and maybe some of it will only be interesting to me lol!

In the end, wherever you fall on the interest-spectrum, please feel free to comment, ask questions, or share with your friends. Thanks for reading!Backroom fisheye


2 thoughts on “Opening the door

  1. Thanks for starting a blog about this. It’s very interesting to see how things are made even if I have no plans to try to do one myself. I look forward to seeing how it’s done!


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